AppQoS – Traffic Management

Managing network traffic intelligently to deliver smooth network experience

  Application based QoS(Quality of Service)

In the current network environment, many applications competitor for the limited network bandwidth, some applications like video streaming service – Youtube, Netflix, require large bandwith to ensure HD quality; some online game likes World of Warcraft, Hero of the Storm require response in real time to ensure the gaming experience, and some file transferring application like P2P, will utilize the whole bandwidth of the network. How to manage the network traffic smartly is very important. Lionic AppQoS solution is designed to manage the network traffic intelligently, and provide the smoothest network experience. Thanks for Lionic’s strong application and device identification capability, Lionic AppQoS can classify the network traffic into different priority level per the application & device types.

  Excellent Management Result

Here is the real case, there are multiple applications run in the same time: – P2P File (BitTorrent) – Online Game (Hero of the Strom) – Video Streaming (4 youtube video) Lionic can provide excellent management result as the table shows. Comparing with other QoS solution provider, Lionic AppQoS solution is also the best one.

Demo Video

  Application & Device Identification with DPI

Based on Deep Packet Inspection, Lionic have strong application & device identification capability. Combined with smart management AppQoS algorithm, Lionic’s solution can provide the best management result. Up to now, we can identify more than 1000 applications and 5000 devices.

  Prioritized Applications Feature of SD-WAN

Application based QoS(Quality of Service) is one of the important SD-WAN features. There are many Internet services already adopted in enterprise working flow nowadays. They are including Office365, Gmail, Salesforce, WebEx, Zoom, online ERP or accounting software, etc. Either SD-WAN edge or SD-WAN cloud gateway should try to speed up those business applications and suppress other applications. Lionic can help SD-WAN vendors to greatly enhance the application identification capability and the QoS mechanism in their SD-WAN products.